I Made The Cut

PBSC Jazz Combo Sept12015 (2)86770024 (2)

After 9 months of committed, disciplined and passionate learning, practicing and growing, I decided I would audition for Palm Beach State College (PBSC) Jazz Combo. So, on Tuesday, August 25, 2015, I picked up two pieces of sheet music I had never seen to learn; Perdido and Now’s The Time.   Two days later on Thursday, August 27, I was expected to play along with about 20 other musicians playing horns, guitars, bass, drums, and vocals. Ironically, I was the only female, only African American, the tallest, the oldest but also the youngest in experience. Regardless, I gave it my best and was one of the lucky ones to hear my name.

I made the cut and was given a chance to live my dream of playing in a band! “You have to start somewhere,” was the advice and encouragement given to me. My Jazz Combo is a sextet including myself on flute with Gavino on vocals, Stephen and Joe on Guitar, Josh on bass and Ian on drums.

I have been recording our rehearsals to be able to hear my progress and relive the moments that took my breath away, opened my ears and freed my mind. I have never been more nervous and exhilarated at the same time. I am learning so much from my Instructor David Gibble, my combo members and our Special Guest Instructor renowned Jazz Pianist Stephen Scott.

I compliment and accelerate my learning by taking private lessons, listening daily, and attending jazz concerts regularly.

Playing Jazz, at this time in my life, is part of a passionate process.


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